Domain Name Buying

Let us buy and manage your domain

Secure Your Domain, Now!

We have administrative features that we can take care of and domain name buying is one of them. You can worry about the big stuff.

Domain name buying can be hit or miss depending on the position in the market that you are trying to attract and hold. We will perform a review of your business and improve your existing domain positioning or handle the purchase of a domain. We want to make sure that as a small business you are positioned how you need to be on the Internet. The full benefit of the Internet is that once you establish your position on the Internet, you can maintain that position but continually posting content to that domain. We discuss that further in our article on content driven marketing

But one of the most important aspects of your business will be the domain and how you position your content. Domain name buying is that small admin process that we take care of for you. We have a host of other services including domain name expiration monitoring for renewal. We also perform period backups on your site content. Site backup services where we can shadow your website just in case your website goes completely down. We can redirect visitors automatically to the backup site and include messaging for the temporary disruption. You want to make sure your site is up and running especially since it will be a revenue driver for your small business.